Party hat Giver(Xmas)

This item can wear a party hat by touch.
Party hat will change patterns in random.
Attached item does not enter into the inventory, So your inventory is not in chaos.

Party hat Giver(Xmas)

Price= 250L$
Permission=Copy OK
(Party hat Giver(Xmas)_Display Mod & Copy Ok)
Prim=1Li+1Li~(Temporary Rez)
(Party hat Giver(Xmas)_Display Li)
Party hat Giver(Xmas)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Party hat Giver(Xmas) / (Rez)
DDD_Party hat Giver(Xmas)_Display / (Rez)
DDD_Party hat Giver(Xmas)_info / (texture)
DDD_Party hat Giver(Xmas)_manual / (notecard)

To use this item, you must have two or more of the land impact in addition to land impact of the body.
The script must be Rez temporarily item in order to attach the Hat.
Wearing hat will disappear when the you will logout.
"Party hat Giver (Xmas) _Display" is the hat for decoration. You can change the texture and options.

Hat pattern and rare option

How to Use
Land impact is need free of more than 1Li in addition to the Party hat Giver (Xmas) body.

1. Please Touch the Party hat Giver (Xmas).
2. The dialog comes out, please press the "Wear a hat" button.

3. will be asked whether to allow the permission (attached), please press the "Yes".

4. You can wear a hat.

DDD_Party hat Giver(Xmas)_Display
Rare option horns and red nose
Rare option of glasses