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Leg warmers

Price=360L$ → 252L$ (Pre-sale & 30% OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= Per one 5prim , 3Landimpact.
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,Use rigged
DDD_Leg warmers_(L) / (L Upper Leg)
DDD_Leg warmers_(R) / (R Upper Leg)
DDD_Leg warmers HUD /(Top Left)
DDD_Leg warmers_AlphaA/(Alpha layer)
DDD_Leg warmers_AlphaB/(Alpha layer)
DDD_Leg warmers_description/(texture)

DDD_Leg warmers_manual / (note card)

This item is fitted mesh, the item will be deformed by the shape.
Please try DEMO before you buy. The impression at the time of wearing the item might cause unlike the "POP" by Shape.

The deformation due to Shape

Present Handpose(wear)

DDD_Present Handpose(wear)

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■DDD_Leg warmers manual ■

 You can change the texture by HUD. 
Script of this item has been managed by the explanation column. 
Do not change the description field. 
 If you happen to change the description field, please put in the description field the following string. See the attached image texture corresponding portion.
Please reset the script when you have to re-link.

■Name list of the Description field■

DDD_Leg warmers_Body
DDD_Leg warmers_Metal
DDD_Leg warmers_Ribbon
DDD_Leg warmers_Cord
DDD_Leg warmers_Light