Xiasumi school festival! New item & Gift

Film cartridge(Spring) / Gift 

Began! Xiasumi school festival!
The Xiasumi school festival is an event to be held in the concept of school festival of Japan.

Xiasumi School Festival

DownDownDown booth
The following is a pre-sale goods
Photo note / charity item
Wear &Rez

Retro camera(Lace) / NOT charity item
Wear &Rez

Retro camera(Antique) / NOT charity item
Wear &Rez

Drying film / NOT charity item

Theme club activities, has been given a one floor per one of the club, members of the club was responsible for the decoration of their affiliation club area.

If you touch the following bulletin board you can move to the floor of the club in an instant.

TP Borad

Kind of club is following.
Art / Drama/ Music/ Photography/Science/
Supernatural/ Culinary/ Sports/ Wood Shop/ Gamer  Compute

DownDownDown is a photography club affiliation!

And, gift shipments largest club of will be honored,
Chip will be aggregated at the club level.

In addition, sales of chips and charity items Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief
It will be donated to.
There is also a charity items dedicated booth.
charity booth http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chaisuki/221/112/24