PICCOLI 2 DRESS UP HUD (FlutteringTunic)

PICCOLI 2 DRESS UP HUD (FlutteringTunic)

PICCOLI 2 DRESS UP HUD (FlutteringTunic)

Permission=Copy OK
Script=Yes(DRESS UP HUD )
Item =Shirt ,Pant, (Each 5 type)

DDD_PICCOLI 2 DRESS UP HUD (FlutteringTunic)

This is the sale of HUD only.
This item is”D-LAB+LIZAIL PICCOLI2” dedicated texture change HUD.
This item does not contain PICCOLI2 Doll .  

How to use the HUD.

  1. Please to wear the HUD.
  2. Touch the DOLL of PICCOLI2, and then press the "Texture change" button.
  3. Choose the clothes you want fitted from HUD.
  4. Press the "×" in the upper right corner of the HUD when you are done.

This product has a fabricated using the "PICCOLI 2 Original DRESS UP kit".
"D-LAB + LIZAIL PICCOLI2" and "PICCOLI 2 Original DRESS UP kit" is available at the shop of D-LAB and LIZAIL .