Mine Shaft Hunt Start !

Specimen(Sky Memory)Two(wear)

Specimen(Sky Memory)Two

Permission=Mod Copy OK

Prim= 4prim 2 Landimpact(0.25m*0.28m*0.50m)
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)Two//(for Rez)
DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)Two(wear)//(L hand)
DDD_Specimen manual (En/Jp)//(notecard)
DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)description_Two//(texture)

※Manual is described at the bottom

This item is the treasure of "Mine Shaft Hunt." 
It is after TP to the hall, Please get the game HUD from the NPC doll which is at the tip of a red arrow. Please touch NPC after wearing HUD, Then, a game tutorial starts. 
It becomes possible to open a treasure box by getting a key. A treasure box is set up into the hut of each store. 

Mine Shaft Hunt 
2014/11/1~ 2014/11/30 (SLT/PDT)
DownDownDow booth

Please take home so simple desk also is put in free. 

Scoop also sells. (One 50L $ / 1Li) 

A large body of Crystal also has pre-sale. 

Specimen manual

 You can change the texture by touching the "Specimen".

 The script of this product has a management with the name of the "Description" of the object. Script will work if you add the prim or unlink the item.
  •  Refer to the "Specimen description" To check the position of the description.
  • Please do not change the "description" of the product. Please re-enter Correct description if you happen to change by mistake. Please be careful as space key does not enter into the description field.
  • Set as main prim, the prim containing the script.
  • Note applies to all prims is "DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)_Stone" the Description field if you want to change the texture of the "Stone” for example.

Name list of the Description field

  • DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)_Stone
  • DDD_Specimen(Sky Memory)_Base


This feature allows you to change the range of people that can be put out the dialog. (Function for Rez) 
  • [Owner]Only an owner can use a dialog. 
  • [Everyone] All of the people I will be able to issue a dialog. 
  • [Group] Those who activate the same group tag as the owner of an object and the group of this object can use a dialog. Change of a group can be performed from the General tab of Build tool. 

The difference between product version is the color of the tag