Pleat Curtain

Pleat Curtain

Permission=Mod Copy OK 
Prim= 2 prim 2Landimpact (5.8m×0.7m×3.2m)
Script=Yes(texture change.)
DDD_Pleat Curtain
DDD_Pleat Curtain(Low model)

DDD_Pleat Curtain_L
DDD_Pleat Curtain_R
DDD_Pleat Curtain(Low model)_L
DDD_Pleat Curtain(Low model)_R

DDD_Pleat Curtain manual(note card)
DDD_Pleat Curtain description(texture)

You can change the texture by touching the "Pleat Curtain". (9color)
The script of this product has a management with the name of the "Description" of the object. Script will work if you add the prim curtain or unlink the curtain. 
  •  Please do not change the "description" of the product. Please re-enter "DDD_Pleat Curtain" if you happen to change by mistake. Please be sure that the Space key does not enter before and after "DDD_Pleat Curtain". 
  •  Set as main prim, the prim containing the script. 
  • This script will change the texture of the item that is the "DDD_Pleat Curtain" is the description field. 
  • It is important to note if you need to link the item that contains the script other than the curtain. There are also items that will not work properly when the link number would change. 

This script is applied to the prim the description field is described as "DDD_Pleat Curtain". 
A standard size. It is 2Li and is the maximum size.
↑Low model/↓normal
wooden cube(0.5m×0.5m×0.5m)

The difference of the size in 5Li .
↑Low model/↓normal