Melted chocolate (pattern)(trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Melted chocolate (pattern)(trans)
Price=130L$→ 100L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= 3 prim  15 Landimpact
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Melted chocolate (pattern)(t)(Mouth)
DDD_Melted chocolate (pattern)_POP(t)(texture)
DDD_Melted chocolate (pattern) description(t)(notecard)
DDD_Melted chocolate (pattern) _description (t)(texture)
DDD_Melted chocolate (pattern) description(t)(texture)

It is a chocolate plate which wears to a mouth. 
The texture of the portion of the pattern of a main part, a bird, and a center can be changed with a script. 
The central handle can also incorporate the texture prepared by itself by putting into prim inside. 
Please try on DEMO. 

■ Cautions ■ 
The script of this product is managed with the link number. 
Please do not add Prim to goods or do not cancel a link.
The Gallery Gift Shop Precedence sales & price reduction .
Sale at the TGGS hall is Mod & Trans".

■The additional method of a texture■

The texture of the pattern of the center which you prepared is incorporable into a dialog. 
  1. First, put a texture in Root prim of "DDD_Melted chocolate" (pattern). 
  2. "DDD_Melted chocolate(pattern) " is touched and a dialog menu is displayed. 
  3. After pushing a "Inventory tex" button, a texture can be changed by pushing the [<<<] or [>>>] button. 

* The permission of a texture should use what you can copy
It will be a script error if the texture which cannot do a copy will be used. 
* Two or more textures can be put in. 

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