Dyed blue puddle(Trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Dyed blue puddle(Transe) (Permission for TGGS)
Price=190100L$(TGGS price)
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= a~b 2 landimpact .c~f 1 landimpact 
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
Dyed blue puddle_a-1
Dyed blue puddle_a-2
Dyed blue puddle_b-1
Dyed blue puddle_b-2
Dyed blue puddle_c
Dyed blue puddle_d
Dyed blue puddle_e
Dyed blue puddle_f

The Gallery Gift Shop  12/15~rotation item.(Sale for about one month )
The Gallery Gift Shop precedence sales & price reduction .
(The permission of Mod & Trans is TGGS limitation.
It is set to "Mod & Copy" when selling at other places. )

This product is Now Showing at a main shop. 

Basic size. Cubical size is 0.5. 

The state which made the puddle the greatest size that does not change andimpact. 

a and b have two kinds of types.