DDD Gift

Since Christmas became near and the gifts of DownDownDown have increased in number, a report is written here.

It is a mat pulled to the floor.
The mat under the Gacha machine of a main shop is 0L$.
Since there are two kinds, take care not to forget to take.
This becomes an atmosphere appropriate for Christmas.

Prickle Christmas tree (mesh)
It is a tree of a mesh. 
Green is in a main shop and Cafe&Bar SOFA X'mas MALL 2011 has green and pink. 
Please carry out Buy of the actual thing directly. 

Pink B(Cafe&Bar SOFA  X'mas MALL)
It is a lucky board of a Christmas hat. 
There is 4 colors in all. The color of blue and red is in a main shop. Pink is in Cafe&Bar SOFA X'mas MALL 2011. Black is in RMK Gorhic. Pink is ended in the 25th in December. Red & Blue & Black are ended in the 26th in December. 

Main shop→Red & Blue
Cafe&Bar SOFA X'mas MALL 2011→Pink
RMK Gorhic→Black
It is in detail here.

Snowy crystal(Group gift)

It is Snowy crystal. It is a group gift.
This is an end in 2011/1/20.