Metal Lantern

Metal Lantern

Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= 7prim ,  17Landimpact.
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Metal Lantern(L)1.1/(L hand)
DDD_Metal Lantern(R)1.1/(R hand)
DDD_Metal Lantern_ manual /(notecard)
DDD_Metal Lantern_description /(texture)

■Metal Lantern_ _manual ■

You can change the texture by touching the "Metal Lantern".
The script of this product has a management with the name of the "Description" of the object. Script will work if you add the prim or unlink the item.

  •  Refer to the "Metal Lantern_description" To check the position of the description. 
  •  Please do not change the "description" of the product. Please re-enter Correct description if you happen to change by mistake. Please be careful as space key does not enter into the description field.
  •  Set as main prim, the prim containing the script. 
  • Note applies to all prims is "DDD_Metal Lantern_Handle" the Description field if you want to change the texture of the " Handle " for example. 

■Name list of the Description field■

DDD_Metal Lantern_MetalA
DDD_Metal Lantern_MetalB
DDD_Metal Lantern_Handle
DDD_Metal Lantern_Rope
DDD_Metal Lantern_Ribbon
DDD_Metal Lantern_Lamp
DDD_Metal Lantern_Stone