HW Big lollipop (gacha)

HW Big lollipop Gacha
Price=1 play 40L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Script=Yes(pose script 3pose☓Hand only ☓ full body)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
content= All 19 kinds.  It attaches to the hand.
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Black)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Orage)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Night)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Black)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Purple)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Eye(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Eye(Purple)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Pink)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Red)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Green)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Lizard

This item has been sold in Gacha format .(Per one play, you get one item at random.)
There is no rare or secret this Gacha.
This item is sold only in October.

It is being sold at the following locations.