ORIGAMI start!

This item has been pre-sale in the ORIGAMI event.

Backpack chest

Price=380L$ 330L$ (Pre-sale & 50L$ OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
 Body 4prim ,  5Landimpact 
 ShoulderStraps 1prim ,  4Landimpact 
 ShoulderStraps(no rig) 3prim ,  2Landimpact 
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,Use rigged (ShoulderStraps)
DDD_Backpack chest_Body/(chest)
DDD_Backpack chest_ShoulderStraps/(fitted mesh )
DDD_Backpack chest_ShoulderStraps(No Rig)/(chest)
DDD_Backpack chest_description/(texture)
DDD_Backpack chest_manual/(note card)

ORIGAMI (Shopping event) 2016/7/15~9/10
UBUME(Japanese horror event)2016/8/11~9/10
※Admission limited by the value of the script starts from August. ORIGAMI also subject.
Start point
Origami Flicker group
UBUME Flicker group

  • Body “6Color ”× “7 character pattern” 
  • Metal 8 type
  • Rope 10 type
  • Flag  10 type
  • Sphere 2 type
  • Lamp On 3type /   Off 1type
  • ShoulderStraps 8 type

Since the shoulder straps is hard to the touch,
 and then display the dialog menu with "right-click on the shoulder straps> Touch".