Group gift(Magic Coaster(Dec.))

Magic Coaster(Dec.)

Permission=Copy OK
Prim=  2prim , 2 Landimpact.(Coaster 1Li, Cocktail 1Li)
Script=Yes(Drink Giver/Dialog range change)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_December cocktail
DDD_Dec. cocktail(object)
DDD_Magic Coaster(Dec.) manual(notecard)

To use this item requires 2Li free of land. (Coaster 1Li, drink 1Li)

This item is a group gift. Receive from the group notification, or please receive a gift from the main shop POP. (If you want to receive in the main shop, there is a need to activate the group tag of DownDownDown)

Period : 2014/12/31

DownDownDown main shop

How to use

Touch the coaster.
select the drink 
 Then, drink comes out on top of the coaster, please touch it.
Please press the OK button so permit dialog of anime comes out.

Then you drink a cocktail.