Together with flask(1031)

Together with flask(1031)

Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim=  9prim  25 Landimpact
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Together with flask(1031)(Spine)

This is the item of the RMK Gothic Halloween Dream Gacha. 
It is a Gacha that can turn a dedicated coins get the Dream Gacha, while clearing mission of the event (Magical Academy). 
Check in the event Blog How to play, how to obtain the coin, a list of items. 

Market has also been opened at the same time. 
DownDownDown is currently in preparation. 

I plan to sell the preceding discount goods and new goods.

RMK Gothic Halloween2014

ivent Blog
-Magical Academy -
RMK Gothic Blog

How to Play
How to proceed with the mission

Note of the event (unofficial) 

  1. Once you have the teleport to the Academy, witch sitting in front, get a HUD by touching her. 
  2. "Magic world class" and "RMK Gothic Halloween HUD" Please wear 
  3. To teleport to the event venue to sit Magical Circle of blue behind. 
  4. To clear the mission (experience value and coin object (?) Get) 
  5. While wearing HUD, coin object & Touch wear. The coin charging completion to HUD. 
  6. The try to Gacha! . (This is the old man of the wood) 
    1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RMK%20Gothic/199/133/21
  7. Items get.

              Lesson of broom
              Herb cultivation
              Herb field 
              Synthesis reactor