December Sw 4. Gachagacha

December Sw 4. Gachagacha

Price=1 play 14L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Land impact =3~21
Mesh=Yes,No rigged 
Item list=
 all 9 type.
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Cream puff(Pink)
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Cream puff(Black)
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Tree Pretzel(green)
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Tree Pretzel(White)
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Chocolate pretzel sticks
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Strawberry tart 
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Dome cake
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Ornament(Red)
  •  DDD_Dec*S4_Ornament(Green)

There is no secret in this product. 
It sale is the limited time offers in December. 
(It ends on December 31)

*This product is an item of a capsuled-toy vending machine. 
(If you pay L$, it is random and can receive one item.  )

It has a sale at the following locations
RMK Gothic
RMK Gothic Frost fair 2013 booth
Christmas mini mall at NAMINOKE

 DDD_Dec*S3_Cream puff(Pink)

 DDD_Dec*S3_Tree Pretzel(green)


 DDD_Dec*S3_Chocolate pretzel sticks