Snowman making kit

The left, middle, a sample texture / the right template

Snowman making kit 

(Not for commercial)
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= 1prim  1landimpact (sculpt prim)
DDD_snowman kit_1(Object)
DDD_snowman kit_2(Object)
DDD_snowman kit_3(Object)
DDD_Snowman making kit description(En/Jp)(notecord)
DDD_Snowman kit_template
DDD_Snowman kit_sample1-a
DDD_Snowman kit_sample1-b
DDD_Snowman kit_sample2-a
DDD_Snowman kit_sample2-b
DDD_Snowman kit_Shadow(Download)

It is a kit which makes a snowman.
Three bodies, the template texture, and the sample texture are contained for the snowman element assembly of scalp.
DDD_snowman kit_1~3 is the same thing.
Only DDD_Snowman kit_Shadow is download form.
 (URL is written on the attached note card)
This is for using in the individual who is not business.
(Please do not distribute a texture, do not sell or do not use a texture for other goods)
Described a method of temporary upload for adjusting the texture below.

How to upload a temporary

  1. Please click on the part of the texture tab ① of Buildingtool.Then texture selection window will appear.
  2. Please select "local" since the "inventory" radio button.
  3. Choose a texture from your PC by pressing the "ADD" button.
  4. The texture will be added to the "Name". Adhere to the texture snowman by clicking on the texture that you added.
  5. It is complete by pressing the OK button.

temporary upload texture is displayed on only you.
Others will not be able to see the temporary upload texture. 
(It appears there is no object in texture from others)
And, temporary upload texture is reset When you log out.


Price=It is 25L$ per one.
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= 1prim  1landimpact

Snowman of the finished product are also available.
It is sold separately from the Snowman making kit