witch's large hat_RMK(prize)

RMK Halloween 2013 prize

witch's large hat_RMK

Permission=Mod CopyOK 
Prim= 5prim 22 landimpact 
Script=Yes(texture change)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_witch's large hat_RMK 1.1(chine)
DDD_Witch's Large hat(RMK)_POP(texture)

*Hair is not contained. 

You can change the texture of the hat by the script.
Hat 2 color,Hatband 17 color,Crystal ornament 8 color,Ribbon 7 color .
The script of this product is managed with the link number. 
Please do not add Prim to goods or do not cancel a link.

This is a prize of RMK Gothic Halloween2013. 
If a game is attained, it is random and can get an exchange ticket. 
Please exchange a premium for a ticket at each shop. 
(You wear a ticket and touch a prize vendor. )
DownDownDown prize vender place

Keep in mind that the holding period of an event is short. 

RMK Gothic Halloween2013

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