Description of Easel(Mod & Copy ver.)

The description of Easel(Mod & Copy ver.) 

Please touch prim who wants to change a texture.

This item has managed the script by the prim name.
If a prim name is changed, a script will not move.

When the prim name has been changed. Please return a prim name to the original name. A script moves again.

Even if it adds prim m to this product, a script moves.
In that case, please make prim containing a script mainly prim.

Prim name list

It is the same name except a wooden part.
This list is a list of Mod & Copy ver.

The list of Mod & Trans ver. which sold by TGGS is here.

[Woody Part]

==Easel_Woody set==
DDD_ Easel_Woody_A
DDD_ Easel_Woody_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Woody_B

==Easel_ Polka dot set==
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_A
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_B

==Easel_ Color set==
DDD_ Easel_Color_A
DDD_ Easel_Color_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Color_B

[Metal Part]

DDD_ Easel_Metal

[Name plate Part]
DDD_ Easel_Name plate

[Panel Part]
DDD_ Easel_Pane

Edit of a nameplate

A title etc. can be put into a nameplate.(It is not a script. )
Please upload and stick a texture on a nameplate.
The ratio of a texture is 1024*256 or 512*128 or 246*62.

Please use an attached template texture.
When preservation cannot do a penetration texture, please carry out download from url currently written on the note card .

*The use guide of an attached texture.
Please use this texture only for this product.
Don't sell to other persons or don't use it for making your goods.