Easel(trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Easel(Woody set/Color set/Polka dot set)

Price=woody set 180L$→140L$/Polka dot set,Color set 190L$150L$ 
Permission=Mod Trans OK 
Prim=A,B 3prim 2 landimpact /A(panel) 4prim 2 landimpact
Script=Yes(texture change)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_ Easel_A
DDD_ Easel_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_B
DDD_ Easel_boxx

The texture of a metal-fittings portion and a panel is common to all the sets. 

*Since a prim name cannot be changed due to a script, the second goods are contained in the box.(DDD_ Easel_boxx)

This product is goods which cannot do a copy. 
(Mod & Copy is due to be sold after one month)
 3typex2 is actually contained. 
A texture is changed with a script. 

Refer to the following pages for detailed explanation of goods. 

The Gallery Gift Shop Precedence sales & price reduction .
Sale at the TGGS hall is Mod & Trans".

The Gallery Gift Shop(2nd anniv.)
2013/7/15 ~ 8/14

The texture list of wooden portions 

Woody set 6 kinds/Color set & Polka dot set 8kinds
It becomes large by picture click. 
The texture list of woody sets 

The texture list of polka dot sets
The texture list of color sets  

The texture list of metal portions 

It becomes large by picture click. 

The texture list of panel portions 

It becomes large by picture click.  

size & landimpact

A cube is 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m. 

Small easel is standard size. 
Large easel is the greatest size settled within 2 landimpact. 

Canvas is another goods.