Electrocardiogram Bracelet(trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Electrocardiogram Bracelet(trans)
Price=135100L$ (TGGS price)
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= 4prim  16landimpact
Script=Yes(Scroll on/off.Cord full bright on/off )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Electrocardiogram Bracelet(t) (L Forearm)
DDD_Electrocardiogram Bracelet_description

It is a bracelet of a cyber-wind.
The light of a place like an electrocardiogram flows.
The stop of the light which scrolls by touch, and the change of scrolling can be performed.
And on and off of Fulbright of a code can be changed by touch.

The Gallery Gift Shop Precedence sales & price reduction .
Sale at the TGGS hall is Mod & Trans".