Dyed blue puddle

Dyed blue puddle
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= a~b 2 landimpact .c~f 1 landimpact 
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
Dyed blue puddle_a-1
Dyed blue puddle_a-2
Dyed blue puddle_b-1
Dyed blue puddle_b-2
Dyed blue puddle_c
Dyed blue puddle_d
Dyed blue puddle_e
Dyed blue puddle_f
Dyed blue puddle POP(tex)

It is a puddle made from a mesh. 
Keep in mind that a mesh changes landimpact with size. 
(In DDD, landimpact of the size at the time of packing is written.) 

Basic size. Cubical size is 0.5. 

The state which made the puddle the greatest size that does not change landimpact. 

a and b have two kinds of types.