Rough rope Snood 

Rough rope Snood 
Price= 410L$
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim=  2 prim , 3Landimpact
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Rough rope Snood /(Spine)
DDD_Rough rope Snood(mirror) /(Spine)※
DDD_Rough rope Snood_POP/(texture)
DDD_Rough rope Snood_Info/(note card)

※A symmetrical version is also included.


Changing sales method of Bento tail

We will change the selling method of "DDD_Fluffy Short tail (normal) with Animation HUD".
It separates into "fluffy short tail HUD (350 L $)" and "fluffy short tail (350 L $)" and sells it.

As a result, we will stop selling "DDD_Fluffy Short tail (normal) with Animation HUD" (650 L $)  (November 30).

This makes it easier to produce various variations with the tail alone or tail animation alone.
End November 30

New seals format

New seals format

And we sell the new tail  at a special price!(Until November 3)


Short tail(Magical eye)(Bento)

DDD_Short tail(Magical eye)
Price= 115 L$
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= Tail prim , Landimpact
Mesh=Yes,Rigged( none deform Bento )
DDD_Short tail(Magical eye)
DDD_Tail one anime HUD
DDD_Short tail(Magical eye)_POP(texture)
DDD_How to use  Tail(En/Jp)(note)

here is only one animation in this item.
To enjoy more, please purchase "fluffy short tail HUD" sold separately.


”Hanging light bulb”light color change script

We began distributing scripts that will allow you to change the color of the light of "DDD_Hanging light bulb".
It is near the light bulb's POP, please utilize.
It can not be used for items other than "DDD_Hanging light bulb".

How to use”Hanging light bulb”light color change script

This script is a dedicated script for DDD_Hanging light bulb.

Please replace the script in the hanging light bulb with this "DDD_Hanging light bulb_ColorScript".
Please note that the corresponding script differs depending on the number of light bulbs.
Please erase the originally included script.

Please put the note card in the Hanging light bulb.
Please enter the color of the light in the title of that note card. (Example <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>)
If you enter a value other than the vector type in the title of the note card, an error will be displayed.


KAGAMI 2017 shopping mall open!

DownDownDown fang mask
Fang mask

The shopping area of KAGAMI has opened.
DownDownDown sells Fang mask with pre-sale & 15% discount.

I prepared a hand spinner as a gift!
ORIGAMI editipn


Mall area holding       2017July 18th ~ Aug 28th(SLT) Sep. 9th23:59(SLT)
Game area holding      2017July 29th Aug 12th(SLT) ~ Aug 28th(SLT)  Sep. 9th23:59(SLT)

Okinawa Edition
I established the hand spinner also in Okinawa Summer Festival 2017 venue!


Okinawa Summer Festival 2017

snorkel goggles

Price= 270L$ → 229L$ (Pre-sale & 15% OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= 3prim , 2Landimpact
Mesh=Yes,Rigged( none deform Bento )
DDD_snorkel goggles /(jaw)
DDD_snorkel goggles_Mirror/(jaw)

DDD_snorkel goggles_info /(texture)
DDD_snorkel goggles_POP /(texture)
DDD_snorkel goggles_description /(texture)

Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
2017/7/7~2017/8/7 11:59pm (PST)
Shopping event (Summer theme)
slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ryukyu/192/156/21
Web https://ryukyusim.wixsite.com/osf2017

DowinDownDown Flickr group

You can turn snorkelling on / off